1-1 sessions

As your business grows, so should you. And because you’re one of those business owners who are super motivated and have big goals to hit this year, you’ve got no time to waste. Whether it’s about marketing your first product, second location, or third anniversary, you would love some clarity about how to market your business online like a pro.

My 1 hour 1-1 sessions are equal parts discovery and action steps and will require you to do the work. We’ll dive into your main directives, set some clear guideposts and I’ll be your accountability coach through the process. How long will it take? Depends on your goals.

After completing my questionnaire, we’ll meet over coffee or Zoom and quickly get into what makes your business yours and where you’d like to see it grow to in the next few months. For some people, this clarity happens over one session. For others, they chose to meet bi-weekly until everything clicks. If you’ve got a small business, I have tried and true best practices to share and inspire you with.



Maybe you’re stuck on an idea for your business and it needs an outsider perspective, or you know your social media accounts have been at a standstill for months, or maybe you are wanting to strategize on what your next marketing move should be for your business. Let’s hop on a call and get you some clarity! Can I promise you’ll have all the answers to your wildest woes after 60 minutes? Maybe. But, what I can promise you is that I will give you my most dedicated professional listening ear and offer you some tangible action steps to help YOU and your business move forward.


You know what this plan feels like?  Accountability. Many of you are so used to being the boss, that it’s been a minute since you’ve been encouraged to grow.  As your marketing/ branding/ business building coach, we’ll meet twice a month over Zoom to make sure all your big marketing motives include a strategy you can follow.  You’ll receive relevant fill-in-the-blank- modules specific to your goals that we’ll work through together. The best thing about it? It’s personalized based on how you want to see your business grow.  You’ll be challenged to expand on your current knowledge base and I’ll encourage the sh*t out of you along the way. You will have the tools and time to create a net positive impact on your business plus worksheets to refer back to at all times.


Hello transformation! This plan is for businesses like yours who are ready to build/grow your business, and fast! You need the low-down on your social media strategy, your email marketing, who you should be partnering with, how to invest in paid advertising, what content should be made per channel and fast! Consider this plan a way to accelerate your progress and be expected to complete your action items (aka homework) prior to each meeting. You can count on me to help you make marketing moves at a Miami/ NY kind of speed.


You’re committed to building the best version of your business.  You’re tired of playing small and putting off the stuff that is not in your direct genius zone.  Like, of course you could learn ‘X’ skill if you devoted 100 hours to it, but is that really the best use of your CEO time?  These 8 sessions are customized to YOU and your business’ success path and leave out the fluff. Choose to go big on branding, strong on social media, mega on marketing or all of the above.  Why commit like this? Because when you schedule it, it becomes real. Plus you’ll save a little for planning ahead, blocking off the time in your calendar and mine, and just going for it already!  Can’t wait to grow with you.