10 ways to 10X your Social Media Strategy

This weekend, I spent about 30 hours learning from Millionaires and Billionaires. They talked about how they built their businesses, challenges along the way, and the tools being used to exponentially multiply their growth. Miami is seriously the best at offering a wide range of weekend activities! One of the biggest takeaways I had was that any successful business must have their sales, marketing, and execution strategy working together for optimal results. You leave one of these out, or fail to connect them in a meaningful way and you're missing out on customers, connections and market share. Needless to say, I left inspired, full of new information and excited to share. So, rather than just posting copies of my notes, and hoping you get the message, I wanted to share my interpretation of the ways these principles and teachings can be applied to your business's social media strategy.

1. "What's in it for them?" -Sara Blakely

First and foremost, always have a goal in mind of what you want your online content to achieve. Are you offering something out of the ordinary, announcing a new clothing line, going live while taste testing your restaurant's updated menu, revising your client service offerings that now make you accessible to a brand new group of people or reminding your people how you can solve an important issue they care about? Do you make them laugh, put them at ease, make them feel beautiful, light a fire under them to get shit done or just annoy them with 'buy me' messages before providing any value? Get in the habit of visualizing who is on the receiving end of your content and what they care about before hitting post.

2. "Best known always beats the best." -Grant Cardone

How are you showing up online and how often? Did you know that the way the Facebook and Instagram Algorithm is set up, your network only sees like 7% of your unpaid content? Additionally, if these 'fans' of yours never interact with your posts, they'll stop seeing your content all together. Your content doesn't need to be perfect, but it does need to be interesting. So how do you get on your prospect's radar and stay there? There's a few free-ish ways and a number of paid ways:


  • Start caring about what they care about. Check which of your posts are getting the most engagement, (not just likes) and go make more like that. The more consistent you are, the better.

  • Go interact with the content your prospects are posting. Like their videos/ pictures, give them an authentic compliment or ask a question related to what they're sharing. Slide into their DMs and start a real freaking conversation. Just because we're online doesn't mean we have to act differently than we would meeting someone at an event or when they come into our store.

  • Tag accounts appropriately and give shot outs and credit where it's due.


  • Get clear yourself or hire someone to bid on ads. Love it or hate it, the targeting accuracy available today is crazy specific and with the right strategy, ads will boost your exposure and engagement (& sales) way more than simply posting organically.

  • Get people who are more popular than you online (and also align with what you're selling) to recommend you to their followers.

  • Partner with other brands on unique offers and contests to get in front of some fresh eyes.

3. "Sales is a contact sport, whoever makes the most contacts makes the most sales."- GC

Social Media is just a piece of the sales funnel and most people aren't clicking 'buy' the first time your product shows up on their screen. But say this said person is into fitness, maybe even in the market for a new place to workout, and she's now seen 10-12 posts over the course of a week or two of this gym that happens to be in her hood. She's clicked 'like' on a few of them and viewed a few videos of what this gym's 6am group workout looks like. Now she's somewhat familiar with the gym and checks out their instagram story and gets inspired while watching a 30 day transformation story from one of the current members. Then, she gets served an ad that invites her to 'learn more' about how she can enroll for $0 and get a month at a reduced rate. Does this mean she's ready to sign up? Maybe, maybe not. But this new gym is without a doubt on her radar and if this gym has their follow up tools in place, chances are they'll have a new member soon.

4. "Everything worthwhile is uphill"-John Maxwell

Don't get overwhelmed, just get moving. Where would you say your social media content strategy and execution is at at this moment? Do you know why you're using each platform? If you want your accounts to look cohesive, attract customers, generate conversation and show people how to buy from you, you may need to refresh your pages and be crystal clear about what you're giving and asking your audience. Maybe you're solid with your brand but you aren't creating any calls to action. Wherever you're at, know that the greater the reward you're seeking, the more work (or money) it will take to get you to the next level.

5. "Don't talk about the product, talk about the process." -Ryan Deiss

The story about why or how you do what you do is just as, if not more important than your product itself. How someone feels when they wear it, eat it, experience it, or become more educated because of it, matters way more than the product itself. Go live on facebook and tell us how it's made. Allow social media influencers to take over your instagram account for the day and share stories and posts on how you fit into their world. Post video content that educates your prospects on your industry and positions you as the expert in your field.

6. "As soon as you can afford to, hire your weaknesses." -Sara Blakely

Yes, this is advice from one of the baddest lady billionaires on the block (in the world), but hear me out. You, as a business owner are amazing at running your business and I'm sure, have a few other areas of genius. If deciding which picture should go where, what you should write/ how long your post captions should be, and what you should say in your videos isn't your thing, stop making that your job. Take an honest inventory of the areas of your business that run smoothly, and dare I say, bring you joy, as well as the areas that you dislike/ could use some reinforcement and hire/ contract accordingly.

7. "You've got to spend money to make money." -Grant Cardone

How much is one customer worth to you? I ask this to every single one of my clients and believe it's important to build your social media strategy in direct relation to this. For example, a $9 cold pressed juice customer is MUCH easier to acquire than a $500k+ home buyer. Both are basic needs, at least in the sense that we need to eat and need to live somewhere. But one requires research, trust, time, and a decent amount of money whereas the other could be an impulse buy. Be cognizant of what someone goes searching for/ yelping/ googling when looking for you and build paid ad campaigns around these needs. Invest in great photography/ videography to tell your story and in great copywriting to clarify your message. The more your product or service costs, the more you'll pay to gain a new customer.

8. "When you have a funnel that works, you have an unlimited budget." -Russel Brunson

While we are talking about ads, Facebook/ Instagram ads can be a lucrative addition to your unpaid content. You have the ability to run ads based on your goals so whether you're looking to expand your reach (awareness), generate leads, educate your market, or have your prospects take some sort of action (conversion), you can run an ad for that. You get what you pay for and it's a bidding marketplace that requires some science, some creativity, and a fair amount of testing. If you keep seeing Facebook/Instagram 'sponsored' Ads from the same businesses, these advertisers most likely have substantial budgets in the millions but there's still plenty of opportunity for those with less of a budget with the right strategy. The secret is first, to know your goal, next to build and buy ads that have a strong chance to achieve that goal, and finally, use the data your receiving to decide if that ad stays or goes.

9. "Never forget your market." -Tai Lopez

Everyone is not your customer, cool? Stop selling and start listening to what your online community cares about. Be super clear about who you are and what your business offers and the right people will stay and become loyal fans/ buyers. When was the last time you used instagram stories to take a poll, or asked for honest feedback? Use this age of hyper-connectivity in your favor and become a brand that prioritizes two-way communication. Get good at responding to comments and messages and let your people know you've got them covered. Consumers are growing less and less brand loyal and the most basic, easy things like affirming an action can win you and your team some serious social media points.

10. "Treat every customer you have like a millionaire."-Daymond John

By now, you have a strong sense of your (business) self, know what your prospects care about, why they are buying, some ways to connect with them, how to keep the conversation going online and ways to accelerate your brand's growth and profit using paid and unpaid content. Because of this, you're attracting the right people and they are picking up what you are putting down. They are investing in your services and you are growing. Congrats! It's your job now to keep them satisfied and singing your praises in all the online places. If it's that $9 juice customer, who just posted a selfie with his drink- did you leave a comment beneath the picture and thank him for coming in? When that $500k+ real estate deal closes, did you share a photo congratulating the first time homeowners on their new condo? If you don't and your competitor does, who do you think they'll go to next time they get hungry or homeless? No matter the dollar amount your customers are spending, the importance of following up and treating people well publicly as well as one-on-one will be the game changer for your business.

Creating a social media presence that you are proud of and most importantly, one that generates a positive ROAS/ return on time spent can be a challenge, but I promise you it is not something to ignore. Your perfect customers are out there and want to buy from you. Show them how you can help them by playing to win online and making your strong social media strategy non-negotiable. If you're looking to upgrade your current process and are looking for accountability, guidance as well as strategy for execution, email me at amy@thecreativebeach.com and we'll get to work.