727/813 yoga studios that don't F around

If you don't leave yoga a sweaty, glistening mess, is it even yoga?

About five years ago when I was living in Austin, TX, I took my first in-studio yoga class at Wanderlust Yoga. 100 degrees, 2 sets of weights, and a ridiculously good playlist for an hour of hoping I would make it through the class/ wanting to do it all over again asap. I was hooked. There was something so exhilarating about feeling like I pushed my body to the max and then got to reap the sweet rewards of strength, flexibility, relaxation and clarity that followed.


Literally hundreds (thousands?) of yoga studios here and I'm comparing them all to my day 1. Over the last three years though, I've done my share of down dogs in new and exciting spaces and have some new favorites to share.

So without further adieu, here goes some hometown yoga love.

THE BODY ELECTRIC knows how to (yoga) party and has been my go-to spot to savasana every time I'm in the 727.

There are two very sizable studios, and the decor throughout is so zen and energizing simultaneously with exposed brick, tiny-white-tiled/ dark wooden floors, smells of palo santo, and is finished off with a #lululemon/ local vendor bazzar to carry the OM all the way home.

Favorite Class: Hot Power Class at 10am Saturday Mornings! The room is heated 95-100 degrees (buh-bye #DTSP happy hour toxins from the night before) and usually begins with a slower paced stretch. Don't be mistaken though. It speeds up quickly and poses deepen throughout the 1.5 hours of class. You'll leave drenched, feeling strong, and probably run over to Squeeze for a juice after.

And can I get an AMEN for #yogaontap every Sunday at Intermezzo!?

since it's the summer, the only other place to be is CAMp Tampa!

On my last Tampa visit, I was scrolling through #classpass and could not say no to a Hip Hop Flow that was heated all the way up (95-98 degrees to be exact)!

Ya'll this place is an adult summer camp themed studio with 3 'activities' to choose from: cycle, yoga, and circuit and hosts over 100 classes a week! The exterior walls are painted with bright, friendly, 'welcome-to-summer-camp' murals and the inside has wooden ceilings, white walls with big windows, is very campy, lighthearted and natural feeling but you know they mean business. There are bins of hand weights (YES please), and plenty of space to stretch out inside the yoga studio.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 8.22.52 AM.png

Favorite Class (so far): Root Hip Hop Flow Friday at 4:15pm!

Can't wait to visit again soon to #sweatwork my way around the circuit and cycle studios and crush a Hot Cardio Sculpt Class.

Do you have any must-visit yoga studios you love? Are you down with the hot hatha or not so much?