Think: high level overview for you and your team with easy to follow, actionable content. Select from one of my pre-designed workshops or we build one specific to you and your organizations most urgent marketing needs. So fun, right?

Want to dig into Instagram Growth or How to Set up your social media accounts to drive traffic where it counts? How about creating and Email Marketing sequence or scheduling content? I’ve got a class for that and we can spend 1.5-2 hours or a half day (3.5-4 hours) getting all the way into it.

We’ll meet at your office or on Zoom and get straight to work. My workshops are primarily lecture style yet leave plenty of time for brainstorming, collaboration, and feedback.


 Express Workshop

We’ll meet for around two hours at your place of business or co-working space nearby with your team.  Prior to our workshop we’ll hop on a call and get clear on your team’s goals and what specific area of marketing you’d like addressed.  Every participant will be encouraged to take notes in their customized workbook and ask questions to further their knowledge of the topics discussed.

Express Workshop Topics:

Social Media 101

Creating Content that Converts

Branding like a Boss

½ Day Workshop

In this four-hour, half day Workshop, we’ll uncover and overcome a specific roadblock your business is encountering.  We’ll connect the moving pieces of your business’s marketing puzzle and construct a system that creates consistent results.  Of course, we will speak ahead of this workshop and decide the topics and depth of knowledge to be discussed during our time together.  Everyone will receive a customized workbook to keep notes and best practices with them well after the event. My primary goal of this ½ Day Workshop is that as a business owner, you have acquired the tools to grow a specific area of your business.  

½ Day Workshop Topics:

Email Marketing Funnels

Facebook Ads for Small Business

Small Business CPR